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About MagnaMark

MagnaMark creates the world's most effective and exciting signs. Our products allow your brand to stand out in the crowded world of displays with our patented 3D illusion technology that will have your customers turning their heads.


If you would like to differentiate your products from the competition our cost effective signs offer unrivaled possibilities to do so.


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Cubic pop3d is a patented display technology developed by Magna-Mark that truly makes people take extended looks where other signs would simply fade into the background. The modular sign offers an ideal platform for cosmetics, fashion, food , alcoholic beverages, eyewear, jewelry, fast-moving consumer goods, consumer electronics and sports equipment to stand out in the market. The customizable graphics can be updated as often as one desires and can be readily changed out in the field. 

Meet the Team

Meet The Team


Stephen Zarrell


Jeffrey Sherrets

VP Engineering

& Development

Kevin Opp

Creative Director



The lit logo sign is a big hit at our brewery and at our accounts, but what I find to be the most amazing appeal is when our customers discover that the 3D logo cube actually moves with them when they are walking past it. Great ingenuity, attractive, and a lot of fun! 



Rick Sobotka, Brewmaster, Owner, Great South Bay Brewery




We are having an amazing experience with your product, a very good response.  It attracts customers very easily and they love the concept. Your product is going to work for us.


David Evans, SAPP




The Cubic POP sign is an amazing yet simple innovation that looks awesome in the stores that carry our wines.  If you ever wonder if there could possibly be something new in lighted signage, we have certainly found it.


Kaelan Castetter

Sovereign Vines



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to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.


Stephen Zarrell, President 


Based in North Babylon, NY


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